Multimedia has always been seen as a very efficient way to communicate large amounts of information to an online audience. But the measure of success is not only in the efficiency of the information delivery but also in the effectiveness of the knowledge transfer. In other words, is the audience just consuming the information or are they internalizing it?

It has long been understood that the more an audience can interact with information the more knowledge it will obtain. When we were in school our teachers called this "hands-on learning". But in the digital world making this type of content available online has always been very expensive.

Not anymore.

Autovod creates, delivers, manages and tracks highly interactive multimedia content without the big price tag. Our service solution is built around Autovod’s digital publishing system that quickly and easily turns any rich media file into a highly interactive multimedia asset and publishes it out to a secure, reliable distribution network or back into an existing Learning Management System (LMS).

Our solution enables complex media, such as audio, video, flash, graphics, animations and presentations to be easily integrated and synchronized into a single multimedia file embedded with a massive number of associated hyperlinks. These links empower users to flexibly interact with the content in a way that allows them to digest the information effectively.

Word-driven searches reveal all contextual locations of any desired content, regardless of media type, so users can quickly navigate to any portion of the multimedia file. A patented process permits authoring to be done in over 25 languages.

Autovod's technology platform facilitates complete management and tracking of digital assets throughout their individual lifecycles. Customizable workflow-driven processes are formulated and stored so assets can not only be quickly created but also easily modified or updated. User interaction with each asset is meticulously tracked for detailed real-time reporting.

Autovod's technology-driven approach produces predictable, repeatable results with up to 80% reduction in time-to-release and up to 50% reduction in cost. Most importantly, it delivers an unparalleled return on investment by creating powerful user experiences that maximizes knowledge transfer.

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