Our Clients

Autovod is proud to be a trusted advisor and supplier for some of the most respected companies in the world.

 Cisco Systems

Cisco’s Worldwide Channel Marketing and Communications Group needed to add rich-media content to their channel partner site in order to communicate more effectively with their channel marketing partners. Autovod solved the integration issues and designed, developed, and deployed a world-class video-on-demand component for their site that delivered Cisco’s selling-skills message to over 50,000 Cisco sales representatives and resellers. Autovod’s multi-browser and plug-in compatibility was a significant deciding factor in Cisco’s selection of Autovod’s technology.


Cisco’s Service Acceleration Group needed an effective communications vehicle for communicating the value of jointly marketed products and services to Cisco’s domestic telco partner sales forces. Autovod implemented a solution that enabled Cisco and their telco partners to collaboratively develop the core content and to rapidly convert it into an online, rich-media experience. These co-branded presentations are hosted on Autovod’s AV|WebServices database which provides multiple levels of authentication, detailed user tracking, and management reporting.


IBM and Cisco Alliance needed to provide a combination of Customer testimonials, IBM executive interviews, and educational sales training and collateral to global audiences. Autovod was selected to provide an integrated solution which enabled IBM and Cisco to deliver their IPC Solution message in both video-on-demand and DVD-ROM formats. Autovod's AV|WebServices hosting environment was selected to host the on-demand presentation, provide multiple levels of authentication, detailed user tracking, and management reporting.

 Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems wanted a training CD based on XML and Java for Sun’s Solaris platforms. Autovod, in partnership with their Java Media Framework Group, developed a Sun-on-Sun Solution that enables the delivery of a full array of rich media to the Solaris operating system. Autovod developed an open standards solution leveraging XML content management and Java capabilities for interactive streaming media with synchronized parallel content such as graphics, animations, text, downloads, feedback, testing, contextual searches, and glossaries.


The Solutions Lab wanted to augment their physical walking tours with a rich media virtual tour available via the 3Com.com web site. 3Com’s special requirements included automated bandwidth detection, support for multiple streaming formats, web browser abstraction, and minimized requirements for downloading plug-ins. In addressing these needs, Autovod ensured a consistent and positive end-user experience of rich media content and provided 3Com with an infrastructure that can be easily leveraged enterprise-wide. Additionally, Autovod provided 3Com with a consistent method for content creation, delivery, and revisions.


The Global Client Education Group needed to develop a rich media multilingual post-sales support tool optimized for Internet and CD-ROM distribution. Autovod provided processes and templates enabling Barra to internally create and hand-off content to Autovod for integration and production. Autovod’s AV|OnDemand? digital publishing suite was selected to ensure a standards-based technology architecture and a flexible method for content creation, delivery, and revisions.